Boosted Board: Rent That, NYC


Have you thought about buying a Boosted Board? Renting one is a great option if you’re on the fence or short on dough. I got one for a weekend from a guy named Phil K., who owns Boosted Board Rentals NYC.

I grew up skateboarding. Recently, I've had to tone it down doing tricks because I got tired of injuries. So the Boosted Board was a great way to cruise in a really fun way, especially on a sunny, bluebird day. It’s more exciting than walking, not as torturous as running, and less intrusive than a bike.


  • Start slow and work your way through four different ability modes                                       
  • In busy parts of Manhattan, the controller of Boosted Board v1 can get radio interference and cut out                                                           
  • Think about neighborhoods, parks, or big parking lots conducive to riding, look for less traffic, slight hills, tranquility                              
  • Always wear a brain bucket

One warning: you may get addicted. It’s just too fun to blast uphill at 15-20mph without pushing! You’ll start looking for parks with long paved trails. And you’ll be wondering if anyone will create a skate park with the boosted board in mind.

To Bill Gates or any investor out there, please build a giant skate park for motorized boards, like the Woodward of Boosted Boards. It'd be stupid fun and a great way for groups to exercise.


Here’s a silly sketch of a track (possibilities = limitless)