OnBoard: 5 Questions with ER Doc, Greg

OnBoard: 5 Questions with ER Doc, Greg

Greg is an ER Doctor in a small town in Connecticut. Other than pulling all-nighters in scrubs, he's got a knack for honing in on bigger set waves and is often seen on the wave-of-the-day.

I met Greg while on a surf trip in El Salvador, an annual getaway for him and his med school buddies. As you'd expect of any doctor, Greg is an impressively smart guy, with tons of medical knowledge prompting constant questioning from the rest of us about all matter health related. Beyond that, it never seemed like a struggle for him to be kind; a trait I'm sure is appreciated by his patients.



When did you learn to surf?

Springbreak, freshman year, 1985. Some friends and I rented a van and drove down to Daytona, Florida. It was bike week and we saw some pretty interesting stuff.


What'd you ride on this trip?

7'2" Doug Haut, custom. I talked to him, told him where I was going, told him I didn't surf all that much. And he shaped me the best board ever. (Check out Haut Custom Designs here)


What has work taught you?
As it relates to surfing: When things start going bad, you need to stay calm.


When was your best day in the water?
A really big day at Mizata in 2013. Everyone got out and it was just me and my friend, Lipper, sitting in the channel, picking off big channel waves.


Last meal on earth?
George's shrimp at Mizata, having it tonight! (George's Surf Camp)


Interview by Ross Cauvel