OnBoard: A chat with traveling Aussie Radiographer, Frazer

OnBoard: A chat with traveling Aussie Radiographer, Frazer

If you travel to surf, you meet Australians. They’re masters of world travel and they know how to squeeze a penny and enjoy an extended stay. Just like my friend, Frazer, who was doing the Central American circuit – Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica (sadly, they missed El Salvador).


What’d you do for work?

I basically take pictures of bones in the human body. I've been doing it for about three years. It's one of those jobs where the reward is helping people and learning about what an amazing piece of machinery the human body is.


When was your first time catching waves?

I first learned to surf when I moved to the sunshine coast about seven or eight years ago. It was at a point break called Alexander Headlands. We'd previously gone for family holidays. I was with my old boy and he'd surfed his whole life growing up. 


What board did you ride?

It was a 6'2" hand-me-down thruster from my uncle. Glassed-in fins and all. One of his mate's had shaped it.


What board are you riding down here in Nicaragua?

I've been riding two boards on this trip. A 5'8" bat tail with a double channel through the middle, it works like having a couple extra fins. My dad made that. And I have a 5'11" Pyzel.


Most memorable wave?

One of my best surf days would have to be Burleigh on the Gold Coast. Surfing out there, I scored my first double barrel. It was an amazing feeling. Just a six foot perfect day. And it was just wave after wave. 


What's your favorite flick?

The Wolf of Wall Street is an absolute crack up.


Surfer that inspires you?

MP (Michael Peterson) - he's a legend and one of a kind. 




-Ross Cauvel