Chest High + Offshore in Jersey

Chest High + Offshore in Jersey

12.1.16. The Atlantic delivered a nice late season swell to our shores on Thursday. Surfers willing to roll the dice on steep walls were rewarded with some gems. But selection was tricky and if you were gonna get a good one – you’d also likely get stuffed at one point or another. 

I caught a few waves later in the morning, but it didn’t look quite as fun as the early session. With somewhat meager pickings this Fall, it was no surprise to see quite a few barrel hounds sniffing out a post Thanksgiving feast.



  • Swell: 4’ @ 8s
  • Direction: 184 degrees south
  • Avg Wind: 13kts W
  • High Tide 8:02am, Low Tide 2:27pm

Documented by Ross Cauvel