Ross CauvelComment

Surf Trip Training: Mexico

Ross CauvelComment
Surf Trip Training: Mexico

I’d rather be surfing than training—always.

I live in New York City and the waves are inconsistent. But when it gets good, it gets really, really good. So I developed workouts to stay paddle-ready and help me save coin.

Jump rope is the foundation because it’s:

  1. Cheap to save money for surf trips

  2. Fun to prevent burnout

  3. Injury-free to avoid setbacks

All of my workouts use rounds of jump rope interspersed with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

During each round of jump rope, I switch between regular bounce, boxer step, skier’s bounce, jack bounce, one leg bounce, and running bounce. Options are only limited by my coordination and imagination. Lots of people do double bounce and other tricks.

Jump rope is a solid foundation because it’s low impact, cheap and flexible. It’s easy to bring when traveling for work or to visit family, which has helped me be more consistent.

Many videos have measured the efficiency of jump rope for getting lean. Most say it’s better than running. It provides 360 degrees of tension for total body burn. Jump Rope Dudes constantly update their YouTube channel showing its power, so they’re worth checking out.

My jump ropes (both available on Amazon):

  1. Crossrope – speed rope and one pound rope

  2. Rush Athletics Money Rope

In between sets of jump rope, I add High Intensity Interval Training in the form of squats, lunges, pushups, pullups and dips.

I use modifications to make moves easier or harder with a weight vest—depending on my energy level.

I also bring something fun like a basketball, skateboard (Monsta Carver) or hacky sack.

The Interval Timer is also key to having fun, which I learned about in Muy Thai training. It’s a free app in the iTunes App Store or for Android.

This is important because then you don’t have to count reps, then your mind can focus on form and enjoying the burn. It also uses sound to indicate an Interval Change. Once your ears get used to this, every time you hear it, your body automatically locks into beast mode (a Pavlovian response).

Lastly, as a surfer, I love being outdoors. And avoiding another indoor situation like the gym—makes it easier to put in extra hours at the office—which means more money for travel and gear!